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“Love is…. to hide in the same trench with her”

– A story of Anna. the paramedic, and Oleksandr, the military

A little about her:

Anna, 36 y.o.

Her callsign is “Tiffani”.

  • Before February 24th, was sewing eco-products.

  • With the full-scale invasion, became a paramedic.

  • Has two daughters.

A little about him:

Olexandr, 35 y.o.

His callsign is “Podvoh”

  • Until February 24, 2022, he was engaged in cargo transportation and underwater hunting.

  • With the full-scale invasion, went to the battlefront.

  • Has a son.

At the moment of writing this story, both of them are at the frontline.

“Love is….

To present a carabiner and overuse the vitamins”


How did we meet?

I was in position. Anya came to us on an excursion and I immediately liked her!

Already at the second meeting, when we spent a day at the position, she impressed me even more.

I was shocked by how fearless and strong a woman Anya is!

Only, frankly speaking, she ignored me a little in the beginning, :)


I immediately thought: "How self-confident!" He did not let me pass and constantly gave me something. Either a carabiner, or some other accessory which is crucial here...


I tried to find any excuse, any reason to see her.

Sometimes I came to her and say: "I don't feel well, give me vitamin C", then "Something is wrong with me, give me something for a cold!".


And I said: "How self-confident!" :)

“Love is…

To find her flowers in the breaks between russian assaults”


Once we were running under shelling, to help the wounded.

And then Oleksandr says: "I love you!"


Firstly, I hide Anya in the dugout. Then, when she provides help, I cover her with my body. Before the assault, I realized that it was her!

Anya was sceptical at first, but then...


The man brought flowers and my favourite avocados to the forefront!!

I confess that I had not had even the slightest thought of meeting my love at the war, because it is difficult to imagine how to show any signs of attention here or, even more so, to give gifts. But it turns up like this!


I left the position in the morning, took a shower, went to the regional centre to buy flowers and avocados, and then returned to the position again.

After that, our relationship began to develop much faster :)


Now we serve and go on duty together whenever we can.

There is a big difference when your loved one leaves to work, and when he goes to a place where Russian soldiers are only 250 meters away. Every time he comes back is special.

After 2 days of sitting in the ground, you may not really want to go to the city.

But man does it!

We have already gone to Western Ukraine twice to celebrate my girls' birthdays.


At the end of summer, our children were acquainted. All trips we have are filled with incredible emotions. I consider Anya's children my own. The younger one did not want to let me go at all...

"Love is..…

To save the goats together!"


Oleksandr always agrees with my crazy ideas!

Once, for example, we conducted a "rescue operation" in an abandoned village on the frontline. People left the place, and their animals wandered in fear in search of food. And then I thought: "What if..."

I'll tell you this: not every person will catch goats after changing positions! :)

Now they are in a safe place, in the "Green Grove", where they delight children and adults.

"Love is..…

To start a Tik-Tok for her!"


Before I met Anya, I was only on Instagram. Well, what could I postin there? A spearfishing trophy or a truck... Now what?

I installed Tik-Tok and even made a couple of vids!

Anya is my muse!

"Love is..…

To deliver a cake with a candle to his position!"


War is not the best place to celebrate, but how can you leave a loved one without a chance to make a birthday wish?

So I ordered a cake from Dnipro. Our comrades were taking a car for repair and agreed to help me pick it up.

The cake was, by the way, in the shape of a heart!

"Love is..…

to learn her favourite poem in a trench under fire!”


We don't use phones at the position,

Anya hands me the notes in a medical glove.

And sometimes it's not just a note, but a real task!

Once I was under fire in a trench... I had to study a poem! :)

"Love is..…

To overuse the battalion air!"

О: In addition to notes, we sometimes use the battalion walkie-talkie (not to much, of course). We wish each other "good morning" and "good night" with it.

For example, on New Year's Eve at exactly 00:00, I called her and wished her a Happy New Year!


He was in the trench.

I am in position.

О: Anya is the person who made me happy.

"Love is..…

To meet each other from positions!"

А: When our shifts coincide, we cook and try to spend time together...

О: ... and when they do not match, then we meet each other after. I, for example, help her take off the bulletproof vest :)

"Love is..…

want to tell your story to the whole world!”

А: Sometimes it's scary. We perfectly understand where we are and under what conditions. However, we already dream about our life together.

We want a big, big family! Where will we live? In Dnipro, of course!

In the city for which we now stand.


Knowing that Anya is waiting for me every day helps a lot.

This is a huge support and understanding of the common cause!

In general, I believe that everyone will definitely meet their person.

It does not depend on age or circumstances.

Everything has its time.

I met my happiness in the war.

"Love is..…

To create your own quotes for your favourite chewing gum!”

(Cooler than the original!


А: Do you know such chewing gum "Love is..."?

We adore them and buy for each other whenever possible.

О: The entire wall was plastered in the place where we used to be based!

А: I wonder what the other military will think when they go there. :)


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